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About Clinical Canine Massage Therapy


Hello, my name is Vicky Sowerby and I run Clinical Canine Massage - Warkworth.

I live in the Warkworth with my much-loved dog, Freyja.

I have experienced the benefits of Clinical massage personally, due to competing at an elite level in three World Championships. And I continue to do so to this day as I manage the legacy of musculoskeletal issues, I have been left with from my sporting days. I discovered Clinical Canine Massage as I was about to retire from the Police in South Yorkshire after 30 years of service and it has changed both my life and that of my beloved dog, Freyja.

I have always loved animals and have been very fortunate to have had three wonderful dogs during my working life, who have been my companions in the good times and my rocks during the difficult times. I was looking for a change of direction and working with animals has always been my dream and so I researched canine massage and was accepted on to the Internationally recognised, 2-year Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme, taught by the inspirational Natalie Lenton, who developed the Lenton Method™.

As a result of passing  this in depth training, I am now an accredited Clinical Canine massage therapist and have subsequently been accepted as a member of the Canine Massage Guild.

I started my practice in Sheffield and  enjoyed a successful practice there working as part of a multidisciplinary vet lead team with physiotherapists, hydrotherapists and a McTimoney chiropractor which helped to increase my skills but also an appreciation of other complementary therapies.

Despite having wonderful clients and working relationship with the vet led multidisciplinary team I have always wanted to live in Northumbria and when the opportunity to relocate to Warkworth presented its self I knew that I had to take it.


I have been amazed and delighted by the positive results I have seen with the dogs I have been lucky enough to work with, which makes every treatment something I enjoy and very rewarding for both myself and my clients.

Clinical Canine Massage Therapy Sheffield is run by Vicky Sowerby, ably assisted by Frejya
Canine Massage Therapy - with proven results - in Sheffield, South Yorkshire


My own dog Freyja developed nervous aggression with high energy dogs around the age of 5. My journey to becoming a therapist subsequently revealed that she had developed a number of uncomfortable back-strains. As anyone who has had a bad back knows, you are in constant pain, especially if someone jumps on you!

Regular massage has provided Freyja not only relief from her back pain, but has improved her balance and mobility, enabling her to feel more relaxed and confident around other dogs.

This experience, and my own research, has given me a great interest in the links between musculoskeletal pain and behaviour in dogs, which is an area that is sometimes overlooked as a possible cause, when dog become intolerant of other dogs, start to avoid human touch, cuddles and play or suddenly begin to show anxiety to things like loud noises ( fireworks etc).

I look forward to working with you and your dog, helping to promote and enhance their quality of life and your relationship.

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