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Read testimonials and reviews from our clients (and their happy pets!). I provide clinical canine massage therapy for many different conditions, breeds, sizes and ages of dog, as you can see below.

Highly recommended canine masseur in Sheffield

"I cannot recommend Vicky enough. My Labrador pup was diagnosed with Osteochondritis Dessicans in her hock and bilateral subluxation of her hips  at 6 months old. I was beyond heartbroken. Vicky came to our rescue like a knight in shining armour. She has been working with Thistle for 8 months now, after her arthroscopy and the progress is way beyond my expectations. Specialist treatment and support including massage therapy with Vicky means that my dog, now just 16 months is medication free and not in any pain at all. She exercises like any other Labrador. Vicky has not only treated Thistle she has been such a significant support to my self. Together we have got Thistle in her best shape and we are now aiming to maintain this. Thistle gets excited to see Vicky for her monthly maintenance massage. I am delighted Vicky has chosen this path, she is a natural. We are incredibly lucky to have her on our team."

Gillian & Thistle

Fly is a large (37kg) dog, who we adopted on his 6th birthday. Until this time, he had spent his life racing. Because of this he has problems with stiffness in his shoulder joints. We were told that he pulled up lame in his last 2 races, but no injuries were detected. He's now 9 & 1/2.

After Vicky's first visit, we saw a huge improvement in Fly's walking. He no longer wakes up in the middle of the night-we now realise he was, probably, doing this due to discomfort.

Vicky is professional, caring and pays attention to detail. She brings a freshly laundered, large fluffy blanket for our gentle giant to lie on during his treatment. She has a playlist of relaxing music. She does everything possible to relax your dog, before starting treatment.

Fly is now having monthly maintenance visits and gets excited when he sees her, knowing he's got an hour of pampering ahead. Despite still having a few stiff, sore areas that need attention, he usually falls asleep during his massages 

If your dog has any issues, get in touch with Vicky. Your dog will thank you for it.

Lynn & Fly

Pain relief for dogs UK
How to manage hip dysplasia in dogs

My dog Roxy had severe hip dysplasia and had femoral head and neck  excision performed on both hips.  The first hip she had physio and hydrotherapy pre and post surgery.  The second hip I also had Vicky give her regular massages.  Her recovery time on the second hip was significantly shorter.  The massage really helped with getting her mobile again.  Roxy had a lot of tightness in the muscles surrounding her hips and her back as a result of how she was carrying her self after her operation.  Vicky came to treat her at home after her surgery which was much more relaxing for her as she was in her own environment.  Roxy absolutely loved her massages, Vicky was brilliant with her,  she took the time to put her at ease and was very reassuring to her.  The massage lasted approximately an hour and the  majority of time Roxy was so chilled and laid back.  There were certain areas that were uncomfortable for her and Vicky was very patient with her and distracted her whilst still dealing with any painful trigger points.  I cant recommend Vicky highly enough, her compassion and kindness with the dogs is outstanding, all my dogs look forward to her visits.  Vicky’s knowledge on the dogs anatomy and muscle structure is very impressive and she always takes the time to explain her treatments and answer any questions that would arise.  I can honestly say if you are looking for a way to improve your dogs recovery after orthopaedic surgery Vicky is invaluable!! 

Crissie & Roxy

My lovely 10-year-old Weimaraner Ralph began seeing Vicky for regular treatments after he became unable to stand or walk unaided and was diagnosed with chronic disc degeneration in his neck which was causing him pain and lack of balance. Ralph was unable to bend his front legs and had lost a lot of weight and muscle due to being immobile. At the end of the first session, he was so relaxed he was sleeping but then got up and walked towards me unaided. I was shocked and thrilled as he had not been able to do this for a couple of months. Vicky recommended hydrotherapy/ physiotherapy to assist him and Vicky worked with the therapist to get the best all-round treatment for him. He could bend his elbows a lot more even after the first session and he loved being with Vicky. Sessions continued and he was able to go on short walks again and despite being wobbly he could stand on his own. Unfortunately after 8 months of improved quality of life with monthly maintenance sessions  he bloated at home and had to be put to sleep. Vicky came with him to the vets and gave him a gentle relaxing massage as he passed. He trusted her and relaxed knowing she was there to help us both. I would recommend Vicky and would defiantly use her services again if my other dogs had issues.

Hayley & Ralph

Helping dogs with chronic pain
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