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Appointments are conducted in my home or your dog’s home. This is based on where the dog will feel most settled, and what is most practical for you. Bookings can be made by telephone or email, or by completing the online form on our contact page.

Prior to the first session I will require signed consent from your dog’s vet. Please visit the web page titled Veterinary Consent to request  a consent form and for an explanation of why this is legally necessary before treatment can commence.

Your first appointment will last 90 minutes with subsequent appointments lasting 60 minutes.


What to expect on your initial session:

  • Assessment of your dog’s gait – how they move

  • Static postural assessment – how your dog stands and sits

  • Muscular palpation- a general hands on muscular assessment

  • A review of your dog’s medical history and current condition(s)

  • A discussion with you, the owner, about your dog’s activities of daily life, exercise and diet

  • Massage session with your dog


Results should be noticeable within 1-3 sessions.


Treatments are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with the first appointment starting at 10am and the last at 7pm.

Treatment may be able to be arranged outside the three days stated under exceptional circumstances

Session Costs

Treatment at my home in Warkworth NE65 -  £35

Treatment at your home  - £40

Home visits over 15 miles will incur a reasonable extra charge to be agreed at the time of booking.


Please note that should anything come to light during any treatment session- that falls outside of the scope of Clinical  Canine Massage Therapy and which requires further investigation- I will refer your dog back to their veterinary surgeon with a written report.


Following your dog’s course of treatment, a report will be prepared and sent to your veterinary surgeon for their information.

I have worked with accredited physiotherapists, hydrotherapists  and McTimoney chiropracters as part of vet led multimodal therapy plans for dogs with orthopaedic issues and post surgery. This collaborative approach has seen great results and improved recovery times considerably. Should your dog already be working with a hydrotherapist and/or physiotherapist or should you or your vet be thinking of adding these therapies to your dogs treatment I will contact the therapist and ensure that the work we do individually blends for the maximum positive impact on your dog.


During the COVID restrictions I have always ensured that I wear a face mask, wear fresh uniform to each session, hand sanitise and provide fresh vet bed for each client. 

Should you experience any symptoms prior to a session please let me know and we can reschedule.

I will continue to wear fresh uniform and provide fresh vet bed for each client even though this situation has passed as although we all endeavour to keep our dogs free from illness, fleas and ticks sometimes they may get past us!!  With the reassurance that nothing is accidentally taken from dog to dog I hope to ensure the very highest standards of safety for you and your precious dog. 

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